feel so lonely right now even I know there's someone around me who still care about me.. sometimes I just wanna cry without any reason. my head is full of everything about the past. my past.. you can't even imagine how to live with my past. no it's not about love. it's hard.. sometimes  I just wanna die. but idk I'm afraid. I love my mom, my dad. and no one else. my friends? idk if they really wanna be my friends or just pretending.. idk they always seems 'muak' with me. I'm fat. no one likes me. yet I'm still shocked that they still wanna be my friends.  I really hope someday people will accept for who I am. I've been through so many things.. I'm tired. I just wanna sleep.. forever. I'm tired.. insanely tired. I'm not being dramatic. If u feel that way please go awaaaaaaaay.